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  • Caitlin Blackford

Spotify Finally Gets the Upper Hand Against Apple Music

Hypebot – September 19, 2017

Being first on the music streaming scene has certainly helped Spotify get the advantage against Apple Music. To date, Spotifty has over 65 million subscribers who are also influenced by the low prices and deals that Spotify offers to college students. Their latest partnership, with Hulu, targets college students and offers a $4.99 bundle for both each month.

Digital Music News – September 21, 2017

After vowing to take down hate filled content, YouTube still manages to leave child exploitation videos up and demonetize not-for-profit content. Real Women Real Stories is a channel on YouTube that raises awareness for the hardships that women face on a daily basis, sometimes involving stories of sexual violence and/or physical violence. However, YouTube has since demonetized the channel because of the sometimes “explicit” comments from the women.

Music Business Worldwide – September 21, 2017

Songtradr, a Santa Monica-based music licensing company, represents music from more than 100,000 artists. Their goal is to help creators pitch their material to people in TV, advertising, and the movie industry. Songtradr recently developed a feature that allows fans to support their favorite artist and tip them directly from the website. According to Paul Wiltshire, Songtradr CEO, “Songtradr is a place where artists can monetize their music in the most direct ways possible.”

Complete Music Update – September 21, 2017

There is a certain myth that the recording industry is down, but in all actuality it is doing quite well. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, the first part of 2017 shows that retail revenue was up 17 percent to $4 billion thanks to streaming. Streaming services account for 62 percent of the entire American market showing once again the music industry is far from death.

Billboard – September 22, 2017

In an effort to reach people in developing countries, YouTube has released a new app that allows those who have very little cellular service to save videos for offline viewing. Researchers spent time in India thinking about how to best reach a new generation of music listeners and realized they needed to make their services available to people in all conditions. The app allows content to be saved in standard or low quality which would make the viewing process much simpler and accessible for people with little to no cel l service.

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