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  • Dillon Slagle

A New Era for Streaming Services

Digiday - August 18th, 2018

Ad-blockers lurking on streaming services beware! The extremely popular music streaming service, Spotify, is currently finding ways to eliminate the use of ad blocking software on their platform. While it may be convenient for many users to remove the ads without paying the monthly premium fee, it can be detrimental to the service itself. In order to improve the situation, Spotify is developing tracking software to locate and notify these users. Furthermore, they are also developing ways to make ads more personalized for and less intrusive, decreasing user incentive to use ad blocking technology.

Variety - August 16th, 2018

The information age poses an interesting threat to the world of live streaming music. Popular streaming service, Tidal, is currently under investigation for using bots to increase the number of plays on popular songs in order to gain profit. Other services, such as Spotify and ReBeat, are developing solutions to combat this type of fraud on their own platforms.

WIRED - August 15th, 2018

Nick Millington, the mastermind behind the innovative Sonos speaker and his team are developing game-changing technology that transcends the physical limits of today’s tech. Using his childhood memories and life experiences, Millington plans to continue improving upon old technology with fresh ideas. Although the company remains secretive about future projects, they’re innovative ideas are enough to excite any member of the information age.

TechCrunch - August 8th, 2018

Audius, a new underdog in the realm of live streaming music intends to reinvent the relationship between artists and their audience. The company’s open-source platform will use a block-chain based token system that would remove the middleman, offering artists the monetary credit they deserve. While the company may have a slow start, Audius will release their revolutionary platform within a year.

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