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AI Technology and the Music Industry, What Sirius XM plans for Pandora, and YouTube's Surprising

Forbes- January 28, 2019

Music industry pioneer Scott Cohen warns about the constantly shifting industry and the need to adapt to changing technology. Cohen stresses the relevance of Artificial Intelligence, and the importance of integrating this exciting technology into the music industry.

Bloomberg- January 28, 2019

A proposed EU tax of 3% on the sale of tech companies has CEOs of major companies, including Spotify, Booking, and Zalando, worried about potential US retaliation.

The Trichordist- January 29, 2019

Streaming continues to dominate the music industry. Youtube sees a surprising value gap, with only 7% of streaming revenue, despite streaming 48% of all streams.

Seeking Alpha- January 30, 2019

As Sirius XM prepares to acquire Pandora, they share exciting new ideas they plan to implement.

Music Industry Blog- January 30, 2019

A decrease in Japanese music revenues could have big impacts on the global music economy. China's TME streaming model could provide unique ideas to boost revenues in Japan.

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