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Black Boxes are Not Enough: Music Tech Before and After George Floyd

Now that everyone has posted their black box on Instagram, now that large music and tech companies cut their $150 million checks, what anti-racism efforts will endure in music tech?

On this week's podcast episode, hear from leaders who were working to bring Black people into positions of creativity and leadership long before the murder of George Floyd: Tarik Moody (Radio Milwaukee & 88Nine Labs), Keisha Howard (Sugar Gamers), and Arabian Prince (Inov8 Next Open Labs, Covitech, and founding member of N.W.A.).

They tell tough truths about the responsibility of music, gaming, tech industries that have profited from Black creators and Black consumers without compensation, acknowledgment, or representation in the seats of power. What steps should music tech companies take now to create access for Black youth and Black leaders? Which music industry actions are likely to move the needle, and which ones are just about optics? Where do we go from here?

Recorded at one of our online music tech meetups, this amazing conversation is too important to keep to ourselves.

Connect with our guests and find out more about their work!

Tarik Moody: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Arabian Prince: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

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