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Lyte’s Lawrence Peryer: Making Live Event Ticketing Better for Everyone

When a sold-out show has empty seats and scalpers are selling choice tickets for an arm and a leg, it’s hard on artists, fans, and everyone who counts on a live show to succeed. Lawrence Peryer, Chief Revenue Officer at Lyte, explains the live event ticketing landscape and how Lyte’s ecommerce thinking is bringing it up to date. Find out how Lyte products help fans buy, exchange, and return tickets with ease, while artists and risktakers fill houses, hold on to revenue, and learn about their audience. What happens when you offer fans options like advance waitlists for tickets? What’s the relationship between primary ticket sales and the secondary market? Learn how Lyte responded to pandemic shutdowns, and how fans are voting for hope with their wallets. Get the lowdown on Lawrence’s career, from CD Universe to David Bowie’s ISP/Fan Club Ultrastar to Live Nation to Lyte.

Links to “Spot Lyte On” episodes Lawrence Peryer mentions:

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