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Seismic Shift Trading Cards
about the Cards

We launched a set of thought-provoking “Seismic Shifts” trading cards in 2019. Each unique card includes an original illustration and colorful design alongside a transformative theme and short explanation. The Music Tectonics Conference and these cards both sprang from Dmitri Vietze's weekly Music Tectonics podcast, which explores the seismic shifts changing the music industry as a result of technology and innovation.

“The changes sweeping music in particular and digital media in general can feel utterly disorienting," Dmitri explained. "We distilled the dynamics at work into this fun visual format that we think will guide more productive and creative conversations about the future of music and tech.” A limited print run was shared with 2019 conference attendees.


Which shifts remain relevant as the industry evolves after pandemic upheavals? What is the next shift we should be watching? Join the conversation at the 2024 Music Tectonics  Conference.

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