Podcast: Gigi Johnson on Music 4.0: The Future of the Music Industry

February 25, 2019

Join Gigi Johnson, executive director of the Center for Music Innovation at UCLA, and host Dmitri Vietze as they discuss new technology and its impact on the music industry. As Artificial Intelligence and streaming continue to take over, how will the music industry adapt? Gigi and Dmitri discuss streaming, the future of AI in music, and changes in data gathering and handling. Find the episode on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. We're now on Stitcher, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Google Play. You can also listen on our website!







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Music Tectonics: at the epicenter of music and technology

October 28-29, 2019 | Skirball Cultural Center | Los Angeles



The Music Tectonics podcast goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. The podcast includes news roundups, interviews, and more. Our host is Dmitri Vietze, CEO of PR firm rock paper scissors.

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