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Live from NAMM 2022 with JackTrip Labs and Artiphon

Live from the floor at the 2022 NAMM Show with Shayli Ankenbruck!

Look to the future of music making and collaboration with Russell Gavin, co-founder of JackTrip Labs. Discover how JackTrip Labs is making it possible for musicians to collaborate with artists all over the world with hardware and software solutions. Learn how JackTrip Labs is breaking down barriers to creativity and overcoming the challenges of making music in the virtual space. Find out how JackTrip Labs is paving the way for the future of music education with hybrid virtual choirs, private lessons, and band rehearsals.

Join Adam McHeffey from Artiphon to explore how Orba 2 lets the world become a musical instrument. Discover how Orba 2 allows users to play real instrument sounds and sample the world around them. Tune in for a live demo of the Orba 2! Learn more about Orbacam, the musical camera that allows users to share their musical experiences with fans and followers. How is Artiphon making music more approachable? Find out on this week’s episode.

1:41 JackTrip Labs at NAMM 2022

3:04 What is JackTrip Labs?

5:10 Music collaboration

6:33 Everyone is an artist

9:20 Music education

11:18 Looking to the future

13:47 Artiphon at NAMM 2022

14:10 Orba 2

14:57 Live demo of Orba 2

16:36 Orba and music education

18:55 Orbacam

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