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A pile of vintage speakers- because Music Tectonics helps you cut through the music innovation noise

Music Tectonics

The ground beneath the music industry has shifted. Tech-fueled earthquakes have been shaking the music industry for some time now, creating dramatic new landscapes—and opportunities to serve artists at the intersection of music, technology, and business.

Music Tectonics, brainchild of PR firm Rock Paper Scissors, explores this junction with a conference, podcast, and blog.

Meet the Team


Dmitri Vietze

Podcast Host | Conference Director

Dmitri launched Rock Paper Scissors in 1999. His vision was to combine cutting edge technology and deep organic storytelling to help clients crystallize their missions in compelling ways and amplify them in innovative ways. He continues to lead the company from music to tech and beyond.

photo of Tristra Yeager

Tristra Newyear Yeager

Podcast Host | Strategist

Tristra has been a creative force at Rock Paper Scissors for more than fifteen years, where she’s known for synthesizing copious amounts of knowledge at the speed of light. 

Photo of Eleanor Rust

Eleanor Rust

Marketing Director

Eleanor loves that marketing lets her use every part of the diverse skill set in problem solving, research, and writing that she acquired in her previous work as an academic, writer, and editor.

Photo of Shayli Ankenbruck

Shayli Ankenbruck

Head of Events

Shayli organizes the annual Music Tectonics conference and was instrumental in pivoting the event to an all-digital format in 2020. A graduate of Indiana University,  Shayli's past roles at Rock Paper Scissors have included everything from editing podcast episodes to assisting the CEO. 


Eric Doades

Podcast Editor

Rock Paper Scissors Logo

rock paper scissors, inc.

Founded in 1999, Rock Paper Scissors, Inc. is a music tech PR firm composed of a diverse team of communicators, creatives, and business minds. We have represented thousands of projects from six continents. Our roster includes clients in music technology, music gear, B2B music agencies, music consumer products and apps, artist-facing and label services, music sync platforms, music AI, fintech for music, and much more.

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