Music Tectonics

The ground beneath the music industry has shifted. Tech-fueled earthquakes have been shaking the music industry for some time now, creating dramatic new landscapes—and opportunities to serve artists at the intersection of music, technology, and business.

Music Tectonics, brainchild of PR firm rock paper scissors, explores this junction with a conference, podcast, and blog.


Meet the Team

Dmitri Vietze

Dmitri Vietze is the Founder and CEO of rock paper scissors, inc. It was his crazy idea to transform a global music PR firm into what has become a predominant music tech PR firm. Dmitri is a regular presenter at SXSW Music, SF MusicTech, Music Biz, APAP, and WOMEX. He is also the founder and CEO of He has a jaw harp collection, can juggle five balls, and has a titanium leg.

Sheryl Woodhouse

Sheryl Woodhouse is the Chief Operating Officer of rock paper scissors, inc. She has an MBA and 25 years of experience starting and growing businesses. Sheryl manages business strategy, finances, and our team of sixteen. When not keeping rock paper scissors running like a finely tuned machine, she is travelling or doing anything outdoors.

Tristra Yeager

Tristra Newyear Yeager is a Writer and Strategist at rock paper scissors, inc. She specializes in finding and crafting stories, finding journalists, and then connecting the two. She has kids, chickens, a PhD, and can speak five languages. Seriously. 

Jade Prieboy

Jade Prieboy is the new business manager of rock paper scissors, inc. Fueled by his passion for business and technology, Jade acts as the glue between the clients and the rps creative staff. He rides bikes, plays video games and even produces his own music. Email him at if you’d like to talk about a publicity campaign.

Eleanor Rust

Eleanor Rust is a writer and marketing specialist at rock paper scissors inc. Twelve years as an academic (and a few more as a freelance writer and editor) sharpened her skills at research, writing, and polishing a good story. She makes bonnets and watches Bollywood movies, but (to date) can only read four languages.

rock paper scissors, inc.

Founded in 1999, by Dmitri Vietze, rock paper scissors, inc. is a music and technology PR firm made up of a team of fourteen innovative, experienced people dedicated to deep storytelling, compelling music, best-in-field systems, and strong accountability. We also coordinate industry conferences, workshops, and other events, including CD Baby's DIY Musician Conference, the APAP World Music Preconference, 2112 Music Tech Meetups, and more.