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Why Every Band Needs a Website with Bandzoogle’s Stacey Bedford & Dave Cool

When so many listeners discover music on streaming services and social media, why should artists manage their own web presence? Guests from artist platform Bandzoogle build a strong case for connecting directly with fans, owning your own domain and data, and controlling your career.  Stacey Bedford, Bandzoogle CEO (a 2019 Billboard Digital Power Player) and Dave Cool, Vice President of Business Development, tell how Bandzoogle has been helping artists build websites since the early ‘00s and adapt to the changing music industry. Find out how Bandzoogle artists are building their own revenue streams with direct-to-fan marketing tools like mailing lists, fan club subscription tiers, e-commerce, ticketing, crowdfunding, and tips. Stacy and Dave share their insights on pandemic trends. Do tickets or virtual tip jars make more money for livestreams? Which new startups are they excited about? How does Bandzoogle select partner companies, and how did their dream partnership come about? What makes Bandzoogle different from so many artist services businesses?

Find out more about the ideas, trends and companies Stacey and Dave shout out in this episode:

Ari Herstand’s “Pyramid of Investment” model CD Baby’s music marketing platform

Sessions: A new musician-centered livestreaming platform

Stageit: The veteran livestreaming platform that’s booming during the pandemic

Rootnote: Staretup artist analytics platform

Soundstorming: remote collaboration and music discovery platform

Find out more about the trends and companies Stacey and Dave shout out in this episode:

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