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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - a Music Tectonics collab with

To celebrate the launch of our fifth annual conference (October 24-26, 2023), we’re looking back on a truly wild year in music innovation and thinking ahead to what the upcoming conference will explore. 


Our excitement can’t be contained by a simple press release, so we joined forces with James Hill, a multi-faceted musician, tech founder, big thinker, and friend of Music Tectonics to create a crazypants interactive musical spoken word press release that changes on every listen with his project


Music Tectonics is run by Rock Paper Scissors PR, so our team works with compelling press releases on music innovation every day.  But we don’t just talk about innovations—we stay at the cutting edge by diving in and trying the most groundbreaking musical tools. Big thanks to James for helping us swim around and making this project extra crazy!

Experience it for yourself: news items from the past year entwine with beats and melodies to create over 1,000 unique permutations!


Click on a thumbnail to start with one of our favorite iterations, or dive right in below to find your own: 


Click play, and then hit the “J” key (or that big green refresh button) to discover a new combination of musical and spoken elements! 

abstract geometric art in a circular pattern. Features red, light blue, and maroon tones
abstract geometric image, features a circular shape with greens, pinks, and deep purples
abstract geometric image in a circular pattern, features bright purples, pinks, and orange tones
About Us

About Us

The 2023 Music Tectonics Conference is designed to rally music innovators of all stripes: startups, major labels, indie labels, Web3 disruptors, streaming services, distributors, social media platforms, investors, accelerators, legal experts, live event execs, gear makers, music software developers, consultants, artists—in short, everyone who works where music and tech meet.

PR firm Rock Paper Scissors, Inc. explores the new terrain at the epicenter of music and technology through their Music Tectonics Conference, podcast, media services, and online events. Sign up for Music Tectonics emails to get notified when conference tickets go on sale!

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