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  • Dillon Slagle

The Wonders of A.I. and More

Google’s creative team, Magenta is developing a unique style of AI technology called, Piano Genie. This software, inspired by Guitar Hero, uses arcade buttons to trigger improvisational melodies on the piano. The program is designed to predict what users will want to hear/play next based on an extensive library of classical music. As a result, the musical possibilities are endless and are bound to resonate with your ears. However, while the accomplishments of the program are hard to ignore, the Piano Genie is far from composing its own concerto. Overall, the program could serve as an incredibly useful creative tool for composers and musicians.

By the year 2025, Dementia will affect nearly one million people. Unfortunately, it seems that there is very little that we can do to prevent the damaging side-effects of the disease. However, musicians, Mark Smulian and Stewart Redpath have developed an app called, MindHarp which allows individuals with dementia to enrich their lives with music. Using eight, carefully programed buttons, patients can trigger various musical textures (e.g. the sound of a horse running, atmospheric soundscapes, etc.) and create their own songs. As a result, users experience profound changes in mood and disposition, becoming more animated and excited. Not only does this benefit the well-being of the user, but it also administers a sense of comfort to caretakers and loved ones. Furthermore, the app can decrease symptoms of aggression, delusions, and depression associated with dementia and is more beneficial than simply listening to music.

Today's popular music, especially Hip-Hop, relies heavily on the art of sampling classics. However, this creative production style may come with a price and/or possible copyright issues. With the growing number of bedroom producers and Hip-Hop artists, clearing samples from copyright infringement can be a costly and fatiguing ordeal. However, a new service called Tracklib is making it fast, simple, and affordable for artists to sample music stress-free. Hopefully, Tracklib will be able to preserve the process of crate digging through a digital medium for a wider range of creators to benefit from.

In recent years, Facebook has had a steady decline in popularity amongst younger generations. In an attempt to take back the screens of teens and tweens, Facebook is releasing an app called, Lasso. Lasso is essentially a combination of the app’s competitors, and TikTok, but with a slight twist. Capitalizing off of its licensing deals with major companies, Facebook’s Lasso will have a karaoke feature where users can record themselves singing along to their favorite songs using lyrics printed across the screen. Facebook has previously attempted to secure a younger audience numerous time before. However, with the Lasso app, Facebook might actually stand a chance.

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