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  • Sydney Scorza

Digital Music's Environmental Harm, Spotify's Battle with Apple Music, and AI Robotics

Ikea and Sonos have partnered together to create a new line of speakers. The speaker line, which will go on sale in August, includes a lamp and shelf that double as speakers.

April 8, 2019- billboard

A recent study done by the University of Glasgow and the University of Oslo found that digital music consumption is leading to increases in greenhouse gas emissions. Even though digital music consumption requires the use of less plastic, the energy required to store and process this music is having unintended consequences on the environment.

April 8, 2019- Bloomberg

Daniel Loeb's hedge fund, Third Point, is looking to raise between $500 million to $1 billion to buy more Sony shares. Third Point is looking to increase their share to have influence over Sony's corporate strategy.

April 8, 2019- TechCrunch

Spotify announced that they will be introducing new streaming conversion metrics. These metrics will offer more details to artists, such as what listeners did after listening to their music, as well as the previously offered general metrics.

April 9, 2019- 9to5Mac

Spotify is losing artists to Apple Music due to artist backlash over Spotify's treatment of artists.

Frankfurt Airport will begin to use AI powered robots in a six-week trial. These robots speak multiple languages and will be able to help passengers with a number of questions.

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