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Stuart Dredge of Music Ally: 2019’s Music Industry Megatrends

Music Ally just released Stuart Dredge’s “42 Trends of 2019,” a comprehensive end-of-year report for the music biz. With the digital ink barely dry on the virtual page, Stuart sits down with podcast host Dmitri Vietze to explore 5 overarching megatrends that emerged from his work on the report—and his predictions for 2020. Stuart is uniquely placed to reflect back on the year in music: he writes Music Ally’s daily newsletter, a herculean task that gives him a granular view of music industry trends as they shift like sand dunes.

Get the report from Music Ally here, then follow Stuart and Dmitri along on a wild ride through the coming of age of the global digital music industry (and how markets like India, China, Africa, and Latin America are driving innovation and ripping up rule books) to the state of AI music generation, from gaming and Esports to AR (and why you shouldn’t write off VR just yet). How are legal and licensing frameworks shifting in response? Is music listening changing in a shifting audio landscape that includes podcasts, high res streaming, and smart speakers? Why do analysts predict the death of the record label every time an indie artists forges a new path? What trends get Stuart excited—or terrified—for 2020?

The conversation takes many turns, so here's a road map:

1. 2019 as a turning point for the GLOBAL digital music industry.

  • India

  • China

  • Africa

  • Latin America

2. Expanding the definition of what music formats have commercial implications

  • AI

  • Gaming and Esports

  • AR/VR

  • social music (Tik Tok, Resso, Aux)

3. A new emerging legal and licensing framework for music


  • European Copyright Directive

  • publishers versus labels

4. Shifts in the audio landscape, and how music listening is affected

  • podcasts

  • smart speakers

  • hi-res audio

5. The industry played musical chairs

  • Consolidation (among distributors, but also acquisitions by DSPs)

  • Streaming Pecking Order

  • Bundling

  • Catalogs Changing Hands

6. What Stuart is most excited or curious about for 2020

  • AI Music reaching the masses

  • The Music Industry confronts climate impact head on

  • How an increasingly global music industry could become embroiled in geopolitical issues

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Listen to the full episode here on our website, or wherever you pod your favorite casts.

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