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2021 Midemlab Startup Competition Winners Part 2: Rippla and Anything World

This week, Dmitri Vietze sits down with Wayne Yardley and Daniel Morrow of Rippla and Gordon Midwood of Anything World, two of the winners from the 2021 Midemlab Startup Competition.

Discover how Rippla, winner of the Music Distribution and Discovery category, brings live and exclusive music and entertainment experiences to venues around the globe. Find out how Rippla is building communities by connecting artists and fans in new ways. In the live music experience category, Anything World represented by CEO Gordon Midwood brought home first prize at the 2021 Midemlab startup competition. Anything World is a platform that allows everyone to be a 3D content creator, bringing their wildest 3D dreams to life from avatars to social filters to games. Tune in as Wayne, Daniel, and Gordon share their experience at the 2021 Midemlab Startup Competition and react to recent news about MidemLab. Will the festival be canceled or is it just switching hands? Find out on this week’s episode.

1:35 What is Rippla?

8:15 Midemlab Startup Competition 2021

10:06 What's next for Rippla?

15:16 Let's get sci-fi 🚀

18:21 Midemlab recent news

13:52 Seismic activity

22:23 What is Anything World?

25:10 Gordon Midwood

27:19 Music x Anything World

29:10 What's next for Anything World?

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