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Audius: Streaming By the People, For the People

In this week’s episode, Roneil Rumburg, Forrest Browning, and Clayton Blaha join Tristra Newyear Yeager to explore how Audius is directly connecting fans with artists and exclusive new music.

Discover how the digital streaming service is decentralized, allowing independent artists to own and vertically integrate their tools chains while collaborating and connecting with fans like never before. Find out how Audius lets users choose their own adventure as they engage with cryptocurrency and the blockchain, with a familiar, user-friendly interface. Roneil, Forrest, and Clayton share the importance of giving the power to the people through their decentralized platform. Where is the future of streaming and distribution headed? Is there a new kind of artist emerging at the intersection of music and cryptocurrency? Find out on this week’s episode.

2:43 Passion for Music

8:25 What is Audius?

16:25 How does an online community govern itself?

21:24 Who are the active leaders of the Audius community?

25:25 User experience

34:07 Creative promise of a decentralized community

39:00 Where is the future of Audius headed?

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