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Charts Point the Way: Alpha Data’s Stephen Blackwell

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Charts aren’t just about bragging rights for Stephen Blackwell, Alpha Data president. Charts rank top songs to bring people together, forge chart-topping hits into cultural touchstones, and point the way the culture as a whole is moving.

Formerly known as BuzzAngle, Alpha Data analyzes over 50 billion streams from more than 50 DSPs daily to provide insights to the music industry and power Rolling Stone’s authoritative charts. Stephen explains how Alpha Data transforms a trillion data combinations into stack-ranked lists of dissimilar consumption types.

Find out why the company shares its methodology openly and transparently, down to the last equation. His years weathering the ups and downs of internet media in leadership roles at Death and Taxes, Spin Media, and Prometheus (when it was home to Billboard and THR), give Stephen insight and wisdom to share with media professionals facing an uncertain future. Why are quarantine listening habits so different? What global listening trends are on the horizon? Listen to the interview here on our website, or wherever you pod your casts.

To learn more about Alpha Data and the innovative features of their music analytics platform, check out their website.

Excerpt from the episode: Starts [24:46]

Stephen Blackwell: You can do so much in your daily life with audio as a companion. Video doesn’t necessarily act as a companion…When you’re focused on something visually, that takes you out of the game of doing anything else visual. Right? You can’t ride a bike, you can’t exercise, you can’t drive…you can’t do any of those things if you are glued to a screen doing something else . So that’s really where the power of audio manifests itself and also why we’ve seen such a tremendous rise in podcasts because audio remains the ultimate companion.

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