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Collaboration, Creation, and Connection: Unlock the Power of the Creative Workflow with BeatConnect

In this week’s episode, Alex Turbide and Dave Jx of BeatConnect join Dmitri Vietze to explore the new age of remote collaboration.

Discover how BeatConnect has cultivated a creative hub for artists, producers, and fans to create and interact remotely. Find out how BeatConnect is at the heart of creative workflow by allowing artists to use any DAW to collaborate synchronously and asynchronously around the world. Alex and Dave discuss how BeatConnect’s latest product, BeatConnect Creators, provides a service marketplace for artists and producers to offer masterclasses, reviews sessions, and jam sessions. Tune in as Alex and Dave look to the future of VR, the metaverse, web3, and more all on this week’s episode.

1:03 What is BeatConnect

4:04 Alex Turbide, Co-founder of BeatConnect

6:33 How are people using BeatConnect

9:05 Remote Collaboration

13:03 BeatConnect in the music tech space

21:42 The creator industry

24:00 The power of collaboration

30:16 The future of BeatConnect

39:42 Let's Get Sci-fi 🚀

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