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Creative AI and Human Music with Jovanka Von Wilsdorf

When Jovanka Von Wilsdorf wrote songs for a virtual pop star, she found herself falling in love with humans again. The spaces between art and tech, human and artificial intelligence, are where the Berlin-based songwriter, artist profiler, and speaker feels at home.

Jovanka tells irregular host Tristra Newyear Yeager how she got there, from touring and recording with her band Quarks, to writing hit songs for top artists, to distilling AI research into stories that reach musicians. Jovanka discusses the upcoming DIANA AI songwriting competition she founded and explores the AI-powered musicmaking tools that get her most excited.

What do artist-facing AI music startups get wrong about the creative process? What do they get right?

Note: The audio quality is rough (thanks to work from home conditions and transatlantic connections), but the conversation quality is high.

Excerpt from the episode: [35:09]

Jovanka : The power of music isn’t only set free by consuming it, but also by creating it. If you want to reach musicians to work with your AI as a dialogue partner , you want to make sure that it is a dialogue. The fun of creating is crucial. Humans were always singing and playing instruments alone or with people or their loved ones. They do it to create bonds and to express happiness and struggle and to relieve pain and all this. So, if you want to reach musicians , you have to appeal to their love to create to music. That’s why I believe some of these tools that are actually enabling work so much better than a lot of other applications that are promising to create music for you five minutes.

Check out some of the tools (and toys) mentioned in this episode:

  • Boomy, Creative AI for Music (Founder Alex Jae Mitchell was a Music Tectonics 2019 speaker!)

  • Landr, AI-powered mastering app

  • Rotor, AI music video creation

  • AIVA, the neural network that completed Dvořák’s unfinished work.

  • Vochlea, make your voice a MIDI controller

  • Jamahook, a library of human-created sounds beat- and key-matched to your in-process song

  • Healthtunes, streaming music for better health

  • SoundStorming, a social collaboration platform for musicians

  • Algonaut, tool for navigating and organizing sample libraries

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