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Eclectic Electric: More Innovations from the NAMM Show 2023

Come back to NAMM and hear demos and interviews from the most creative innovators Dmitri, Travis, and Eleanor could find on the show floor!

Find out how Modbap founder Corry Banks went from making beats to making beautiful modular synths, giving rise to a new fusion genre. Get a peek at Pioneer DJ’s newest version of rekordbox and learn how to level up your setup with DJ Matt Play. Dive into Electro-Harmonix’s latest pedals and find out what NAMM veteran Daniel Murphy loves most about the show. Check in with Polyend CEO Piotr Raczynski on the best-in-show winner Tracker Mini, and how they packed a complete audio workstation into a little device that looks like the lovechild of a Kindle and a Gameboy. Celebrate the launch of Myxt with founder Chris Wetherell and find out how his filesharing and collaboration platform was made for music. We talked to too many cool people at NAMM to fit into a few episodes, so catch more interviews and demos in upcoming weeks!

This episode is just the beginning. More NAMM 2023 coverage to come!

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Music Tectonics at NAMM 2023

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