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Engineering Audio Experiences with Bose's Matthew Neutra

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Matthew Neutra, Lead Experience Engineer at Bose, tells host Dmitri Vietze about the audio company’s focus on delivering musical experiences and solving human problems. Find out how their philosophy has kept them at the front line of audio innovation as music listening has evolved, from speakers, to headphones, to earbuds, and beyond.

Hear the origin story of founder Amar Bose’s pioneering noise cancelling headphones, and how the company’s recent innovation, Frames audio sunglasses, succeeds where other wearables failed. Why do Bose engineers like to see the “trout look” on product testers’ faces? What audio innovations are expanding during the COVID-19 pandemic? Matthew shares his vision for the future of user interfaces, and why audio-only experiences will have an edge against XR that focuses on visuals.

Matthew’s shout outs:

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses - Matthew discusses the unusual product development route that Frames took before coming to market.

Bose Sport Open Earbuds - a recent innovation that builds on the open ear personal speaker technology pioneered with Frames.

Perfecting Sound Forever: An Aural History of Recorded Music By Greg Milner - a book on “the major breakthroughs and glorious failures in the art and science of recording” and how format wars have marked recorded music since Edison.

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you pod your favorite casts.

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