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How Audience Republic Powers Live Event Marketing with CEO Jared Kristensen

Listen in on the conversation that sparked the Music Tectonics Conference’s Pre-Sale contest! Jared Kristensen explains how Audience Republic powers live event promotion by amplifying the most effective marketing tool: word-of-mouth. Their social sharing platform engages fans and provides valuable data and messaging tools to promoters. You can hear the moment that podcast host Dmitri Vietze decides to dive in! After Jared and Dmitri dig into how Audience Republic campaign works, you can try it out yourself. Sign up for our Pre-Sale Contest, then follow, share and invite friends through Audience Republic’s platform to earn points towards prizes like a free conference badge!

Audience Republic now works with 100s of music festivals, sports events, and more worldwide, and their reach is growing. Find out how Jared's successes and failures as a 19-year-old booking and promoting concerts led him to build Audience Republic with promoters and artists in mind. He makes a convincing case for owning your audience and your data, rather than relying on the social networks that act as middlemen between fans and the artists they love.

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The Music Tectonics podcast goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. Weekly episodes include interviews with music tech movers & shakers, deep dives into seismic shifts, and more.


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