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How HIFI helps artists achieve financial independence

How do artists and songwriters navigate music industry revenue streams and royalty payouts to achieve financial independence? Damian Manning, founder and CEO of HIFI, explains how his company brings tech innovation to business management for the music industry. Find out how HIFI’s Royalties Dashboard puts income data from many sources into one view, so artists and their teams can make smart financial decisions and chase down problems. Why is HIFI committed to a membership services model that provides education and a supportive community as well as financial tools and products? What are the costs and benefits of remaining staunchly independent? Get a sneak peek at HIFI’s upcoming product Cash Flow, which lets artists turn the ebbs and flows of their earnings into a stable salary. How did Damian’s past experiences at MTV and Echospin in the early days of the digital revolution shape HIFI’s development, and what trends does he see shaping 2021? Listen for a chance to talk back and win one of host Dmitri Vietze’s fave books!

Damian’s Music Tech shout outs:

CREATESAFE - the operating system of the future for artists and their management teams

Cherie Hu - Listen to Cherie on previous podcast episodes, or catch up on the Music Tectonics conference appearance Dmitri mentioned.

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The Music Tectonics podcast goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. Weekly episodes include interviews with music tech movers & shakers, deep dives into seismic shifts, and more.


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