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Living Life Live with Ed Vincent from festivalPass

In this week’s episode, Dmitri Vietze sits down with Ed Vincent, founder and CEO of the 2020 all-star startup, festivalPass. festivalPass is a global marketplace and subscription service for live events, partnering directly with ticketing companies, venues, and promoters to cultivate live events from concerts, film, comedy, sports, food, wine, and more.

Find out how festivalPass is mitigating the “cannibalization” of the full price ticket while still ensuring that consumers can access affordable live music experiences. Ed explores how to maximize the subscription model by identifying and optimizing financial behavior of Millennials and Gen Z. How will NFT and other crypto-assets tie into the live event space? How can new music industry startups maximize new investment through crowdfunding models? Tune in to this week’s episode for an exclusive announcement for the 2021 Music Tectonics Conference.

1:09 - What is festivalPass?

1:50 - Inspiration for festivalPass.

6:35 - Pre-pandemic festivalPass vs post-pandemic festivalPass.

7:36 - What kinds of market indicators are showing that consumers are looking for a new business model for live events?

10:28 - Curation search engine for live events.

14:23 - festivalPass business model and partnerships.

20:00 - "Cannibalization" of the full price ticket.

22:00 - Expanding audience with festivalPass

27:40 - What problems are facing the music industry?

32:37 - Crowdfunding x festivalPass.

33:37 - NFTs and other crypo-assets.

39:00 - Millennial and Gen-z financial behavior.

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