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More Than a Marketplace: The Reverb Community with CEO David Mandelbrot

Remember the feeling of walking into an old school music store - rows of guitars, stacks of amps, and an afternoon to spend trying every instrument in the store? In this week’s episode, CEO David Mandelbrot shares how Reverb is recreating the experience with an online marketplace for new, used, and vintage musical instruments and gear.

Find out how their specialized expertise, expansive global inventory, and network of buyers and sellers helps Reverb cultivate a community of music makers from around the world. With verified effects pedals, synthesizers, guitars, keyboards, amps, and so much more, Reverb is empowering musicians with tools they need to succeed. Hear how Reverb fits into the flourishing ecosystem of services and platforms that allow musicians to be more independent than ever before. Tune in for an exclusive ticket giveaway for the 2021 Music Tectonics Conference.

0:54 What is Reverb?

3:33 Reverb’s 2021 Q1 success

6:18 How did the pandemic reveal consumer base and behavior?

12:42 David and Goliath (Reverb vs Ebay)

17:53 2021 Music Tectonics Conference ticket giveaway!

19:04 Etsy and Reverb

22:36 Indiegogo

31:21 The latest trends

37:33 Seismic shifts in the industry

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The Music Tectonics podcast goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. Weekly episodes include interviews with music tech movers & shakers, deep dives into seismic shifts, and more.


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