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Space Makes Place: 2112 Brings Chicago’s Creativity Under One Roof

Scott Fetters, the CEO of incubator and media/tech makerspace 2112, talks about the thrill of uniting a wide swath of Chicago’s creative minds and startup stars under one roof--and how COVID helped them find new possibilities and partners. 

Chicago’s strengths are often overlooked. It’s home to ad agencies, top-tier universities, a long history of manufacturing, and film and media production, along with some of the best music, dance, and fashion. What started as a rehearsal space has turned into a media and culture production powerhouse, uniting fragmented industries, serving small businesses, and growing the region’s creative sector. It launched a standalone educational initiative, the Center for Creative Entrepreneurship. It’s created a workforce development arm. It’s played a role in nurturing music and entertainment tech startups like Reverb, MDIIO, and Cameo. Attracting and cross-pollinating talent, ideas, and resources, 2112 hopes its model can serve other cities and regions around the world.

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