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Offices of 2016: GigSalad’s headquarters is sophisticated yet playful

Springfield, MO may not seem like a likely place to find a clever, whimsical office design. GigSalad, the premier online booking platform for live entertainment and event planning, begs to differ. Based in a 1920s brick Franklin Automobiles dealership in downtown Springfield, MO, GigSalad’s headquarters span 5,350 square feet, two floors, and more than the typical open workspaces and meeting rooms. GigSalad also boasts its own green room inspired by the lounges in theatres where talent relax before their entrance. GigSalad’s green room is outfitted with an antique bar, an assortment of musical instruments, and a punching bag. “I wanted everybody to feel like a rock star. If my team ever needs a place to chill, they have a place to do it right in their workspace” says Mark Steiner, co-founder and CEO of GigSalad. Steiner and designer Denise Wright were inspired by the classy boutique interior of The Bowery Hotel on the Lower East Side, to which they added their own humorous accents. “As an entertainment business, we like to be playful, poke fun at ourselves, put smiles on people’s faces, and inspire curiosity.” The décor is reminiscent of a historic theater with deep velvet drapes, leather furniture, plush benches, and antique furniture invigorated by electric colors, shag carpet, and playful artwork.

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