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Meet the Music Innovators at the 2024 NAMM Show!

Updated: Jan 23

The NAMM Show is back in January, and the Music Tectonics team will be there seeking out the wildest new musical inventions! Join Dmitri, Shayli, and Eleanor in Anaheim for a special meetup with the MIDI Association. All musical instrument, software, and app innovators welcome! 

When: Sunday 1/28 at 11:30 AM- 12:45 PM

Where: The MIDI Association Booth, number 10302 in ACC Hall A

Who: Kick off with special guests:

  • Gil Weinberg - Guthman MI Competition

  • Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut - MIDI Innovation Awards

  • Dmitri Vietze - Music Tectonics

  • You!

In this networking session, we turn the panel on its head: everyone gets the mic. Seasoned facilitators will give everyone a chance to do a 30-second introduction. Once faces and names have been connected, you'll get to connect one on one.

Our open mic meetups are fast-paced, fun, and a great way to meet all the mad inventors and creative geniuses in one room.

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Meet online Feb 7

Can't make the meetup? Join our next free online event on February 7 for demos of innovative instruments and conversations with the people changing the way we make music. Click here to learn more!

Music Innovators Meetup at the 2024 NAMM Show
About Music Tectonics

Music Tectonics is an annual music innovation conference with free online events, podcast, & newsletter all year. Join us for the 6th annual conference October 22-24, 2024, in Santa Monica, CA. Music Tectonics in brainchild of music innovation PR firm Rock Paper Scissors, Inc.

Everything we do explores the seismic shifts that shake up music and technology the way the earth's tectonic plates cause quakes and make mountains.


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