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  • Ron Kadish

Indie-gration: Two Artist-Driven Tech Companies Unite to Get More Performers Gigs

When two tech-savvy services built for musicians and creatives come together, artists’ careers take off. Online entertainment marketplace, GigSalad, has teamed up with Bandzoogle, the leading website platform for bands and musicians, to offer an integrated set of new features designed to make getting gigs even easier.

The integration flows from GigSalad’s commitment to serving its more than 80,000 artists and talent provider members, a commitment Bandzoogle shares. “There are only a few businesses out there we feel like we could partner with in an initiative to provide real freedom for independent artists. As a company made up of performers and creatives ourselves, we've maintained our independence and startup mindset, and we carry that into our overall mission,” explains GigSalad CEO Mark Steiner. “It's only natural that we join forces with Bandzoogle—a business comprised of like-minded, hard-working musicians—to provide the ultimate experience for both our audiences.”

“GigSalad is a company that shares in our mission to help artists succeed. We’re thrilled to partner with them to make it easier for their members to build a professional website, and help them get even more bookings,” Bandzoogle Founder & CTO Chris Vinson says. “For Bandzoogle members, GigSalad offers a great opportunity to find new types of events to perform at, and make more money for their careers. We’re excited for what the future holds for all of our members through this partnership.”

Bandzoogle has integrated two GigSalad tools into their platform: A booking form that allows interested event planners to request a quote for the artist's performance, and a display of up to four of the artist's best GigSalad reviews, all from a sleek Bandzoogle-powered website.

For GigSalad members, there is a new section in the “Tools” tab of their dashboard to build a website with Bandzoogle.It includes an exclusive offer for GigSalad members to try Bandzoogle's service, and step-by-step instructions for adding GigSalad's best features to the artist's website.

To add either feature to their website, GigSalad members can simply enter their GigSalad PromoKit URL or username. No coding or embedding required. Both features style automatically to match the website’s design, using the text and link colors set in Bandzoogle’s new Theme Designer. And like all of Bandzoogle’s features, they look great on mobile devices.

“Together, we're demystifying the idea that in order to be successful, you have to be beholden to a manager, agent, or corporation,” Steiner notes. “We're here to serve independent artists, and partnering with Bandzoogle only helps our mission." It’s a mission that has embraced tens of thousands of wildly diverse performers--from classical cellists to face painters--and around a million event planners.

About GigSalad

GigSalad is an online platform for artists and event service providers to promote their talent, connect with event hosts and planners, and get booked for private and public gigs ranging from weddings and parties to corporate events and festivals. As the largest entertainment booking platform in the U.S. and Canada, GigSalad can help you do what you love. Find out more at

About Bandzoogle

Bandzoogle is the most effective platform for musicians to build their website and manage direct-­to-­fan marketing and sales. The all-­in-­one platform features powerful design options, gives artists an instant mobile-­friendly website, a commission-­free store to sell music, merch, and tickets, a built-­in mailing list tool, detailed fan analytics, integration with social networks, and more. Plans start at just $9.95/month, which includes a free domain registration. Artists can try it free at

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