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Music Tech Conferences: A Guide for Startups

If you run a music tech company, you are probably including conferences in your marketing, sales, or investment strategy. Should you make the leap and invest in attending Midem or turn SXSW into a working vacation? Does it make sense to focus on a core event like SF MusicTech or spend time with the labels and major players at Music Biz in Nashville? If you’ve got an artist-facing platform, maybe CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference is best for you; but if it’s hip hop you want, AC3 might be your best bet.

Music Tech Conferences: A Guide for Startups

Music tech PR firm rock paper scissors created a handy guide to help you sort through many of the options.

This free 31-page ebook (PDF) includes a calendar and detailed descriptions of the top 24 conferences for music tech founders, CEOs, and other professionals.

Download it here and then let us know which conferences you're thinking about attending!

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