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How to Startup: A Podcast Series for Music Tech Founders

Founders, as you build your music tech business, do you feel like there are missing pieces to the puzzle? We've launched a new Music Tectonics series for music tech founders and dreamers like you.

In the ongoing “How To Startup” series, Music Tectonics host Dmitri Vietze talks to advisors and investors who understand the evolving landscape for music innovation startups. 

Get their best advice for taking your idea from the business model, to landing your first investment, to hiring a team, and beyond.

Check out the first five episodes below, and subscribe for future installments on pitching your first investor, building partnerships that grow your business, raising Series A funding, licensing music wisely, and more. Listen to the whole series, and you’ll get a complete crash course in leveling up as a music innovation founder. 

1. Is My Idea Any Good? with Cliff Fluet, 11 Advisory

How To Startup: Is my Idea Any Good? with Cliff Fluet

How do you transform your startup idea from a mere spark, into a full-blown inferno of success? Find out from Cliff Fluet, a digital media lawyer and the strategic mastermind behind Eleven. The conversation is wide-ranging, from early, make-or-break stages of startup development, to what Cliff believes are key traits a successful founder holds. 

2. The Startup Mindset with Vickie Nauman, CrossBorderWorks

How To Startup:  The Startup Mindset with Vickie Nauman

Having an innovative music tech idea is great, but how do you enter the successful founder mindset? Vickie Nauman, Founder and CEO of CrossBorderWorks, has the perfect advice. In this second episode, Vickie and Dmitri explore how to transform your idea into a sustainable business from building the right team to identifying a customer base, and more.

3. Follow the Money with Dmitri Vietze, Rock Paper Scissors, Inc.

How To Startup: Follow the Money with Dmitri Vietze

How close are you to the exchange of money? This question is arguably the most vital part of a startup's success. Join Dmitri Vietze, Founder and CEO of music tech PR firm Rock Paper Scissors, as he bestows his decades of knowledge on the topic after building a successful startup in the often undervalued ecosystem  

4. Early Stage Investment with Xavier Péters, Leansquare

How To Startup: Early Stage Investment with Xavier Peters

It can often be difficult to understand what type of funding your startup needs and how to source it. Live from SXSW 2024, Xavier Péters of Lean Square breaks down when to source investment, how to find the right investors for your startup, and more. Xavier also shares what sectors may appear most popular in the coming year.

5. Startup Reality Check with Bob Moz, former MD of Techstars Music

How To Startup: Startup Reality Check with Bob Moz

What's the role of incubators and accelerators? How do recent investment trends point to how your startup should move next? Join Bob Moz, former Managing Director of Techstars Music, as he divulges what trends and investment shifts he sees shaking up the music tech startup ecosystem. This episode of the How To Startup series was recorded live at a Music Tectonics Seismic Activity. You can RSVP for the next one here.  

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The Music Tectonics podcast goes beneath the surface of the music industry to explore how technology is changing the way business gets done. Weekly episodes include interviews with music tech movers & shakers, deep dives into seismic shifts, and more.

Let us know what you think! Tweet @MusicTectonics, find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, or connect with podcast host Dmitri Vietze on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


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