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From Friends to Collaborators: Bandbasher Amplifies Users’ Skills and Ideas via Connections, the Pla

Bandbasher, the career management platform for musicians, wants to help its users amplify their impact by connecting. Its latest suite of features, called Connections, rolls professional networking and social camaraderie together to create a useful social tool for artists. “It’s a way to build your support system,” explains Bandbasher co-founder and CEO DeCarlos Garrison. “You need someone who’s on the same page, who’s going through the same struggles, to motivate you. We want our users to talk about their goals and aspirations, about their skill sets.” Once users start connecting, they will find all the tools they needs to support their projects on Bandbasher. The platform makes transitioning from friendly chatting to professional collaboration remarkably simple. “No one has really done a great job on musician-to-musician social networking,” notes co-founder and COO Gleb Teper. “There are lots of stand-alone platforms and services, but none where you can manage aspects of your professional life in a single, easy dashboard.” As Bandbasher’s user base and paid subscriptions grow, the company hopes the energy will build, and more and more fruitful connections will help users make the most of their skills, creativity, and business acumen, aspects of the music trade all bolstered by Bandbasher’s educational videos. Subscriptions open up the entire catalog of educational resources to Bandbasher users. “We’re really pushing musicians to gain the knowledge they need to be empowered,” says Garrison. “We think Connections adds another layer to this, as musicians will be able to learn from and work with each other in meaningful ways.”

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