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Wear that Billboard: Coachella Billboards To Be Recycled into Cool Accessories as DASH TWO and Raref

That Coachella-themed billboard you just passed on your way to this year’s festival? You could soon be wearing it or carrying it. What was once a 14-foot tall sheet of plastic will take on a new life as a surf bag, backpack, or iPhone case.

DASH TWO, the creative agency behind the placement for many of the artist billboards that line the road to Coachella, has teamed up with Rareform, a Shark Tank alum that repurposes billboards into unique bags and accessories. More than a dozen DASH TWO placed billboards line the I-10 heading into Coachella, which will provide materials for Rareform to produce thousands of products, from totes to laptop sleeves.

“Coachella generates this big burst of creative advertising,” says DASH TWO founder Gino Sesto, “and we always thought it should live on in a new way. We’re psyched we can finally work with Rareform to make that happen.”

“We’re looking forward to extending the life of these billboards by making them into things people can use everyday,” adds Aric Avedissian, CEO and founder of Rareform.

With Earth Day (April 22nd) coinciding with the final day of Coachella, the two LA-based companies will be teaming up for the first time. It’s perfect timing: The 2018 Earth Day target is to end plastic pollution.

The recycling process has its arty side. Rareform cuts the billboard material then assembles each accessory and bag into a unique piece. No two bags or wallets look alike, and customers can select precisely which one they’d like.


DASH TWO is a media buying agency based in Los Angeles, delivering expert solutions for the music and entertainment industries. DASH TWO specializes in online and outdoor physical spaces, usually connecting the two, with campaigns including social media ads, PPC help, video creation and outdoor campaigns utilizing billboards, bus benches, and wild postings in high traffic areas.


Rareform is a Los Angeles-based eco-friendly company that repurposes billboard vinyl into one-of-a-kind bags & accessories, including backpacks, duffle bags, tote bags, surfboard bags, iphone cases, wallets, cycling bags, and laptop sleeves. Their mission is to do good, have fun, and make a great bag, sustaining our playground one billboard at a time.

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