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  • Jeanne Bidault

The Purpose Of Music, AI Composers, Pre-Adds On Apple, And A New Way To Live Stream Festivals

June 16th - LA Times

Does the fragmented music streaming landscape keep us from connecting with people through music? Sorry, I had my ear-buds in.

June 17th - Vice

An AI just completed an unfinished piece from composer Antonín Dvořák, 115 years after his death.

June 17th - Music Business Worldwide

Lover, Taylor Swift's seventh album, is the most pre-added album on Apple Music, with more than 222,400 pre-adds in four days. And its release date is two months away.

June 18th - Mashable

LiveXLive is a new app that allows you to live-stream concerts and festivals so that you don't have to pay the full round trip plane ticket to see your favorite artists live.

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