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The Fan’s Journey: Fan-based marketing with Tradable Bits’ Darshan Kaler

Sports and music fans are looking for ways to connect with their favorite brands. The fan based marketing platform, Tradable Bits, provides insights from the data they collect and analyze to help sports brands brands market smarter. The CEO and Co-Founder, Darshan Kaler, talks with Dmitri Vietze about the growth of social media, fan communities/ engagement, and how the live event entertainment industry is facing one of it's biggest challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Excerpt from the interview below:

Darshan Kaler: [33:53] "We might not see live events for the next 8-12 months, then some of the work we are doing on live fan engagement will be a game-changer to connect fans in unique ways, from donations, merch sales, relevant sponsorship. All of these things are still valid, and they can transition online, we know that. But I’m also quite excited in that, I think live events or concerts or getting access to this content will become far more ubiquitous once we do have an opportunity to come back and gather again. So, some of the strategies, we are rolling out now, I think are long lasting, I think they will last and will continue even when COVID-19 passes."

Listen to the interview here on our website, or wherever you pod your favorite casts.

Visit Tradable Bits’ website to learn more about how they are reshaping the way entertainment brands interact with their fans and stay ahead of the industry. Connect with Darshan on Twitter as well as Tradable Bits on Twitter and Instagram.

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