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The Golden Age of Exploration with LyricFind’s Darryl Ballantyne

In this week’s episode, Dmitri Vietze sits down with Darryl Ballantyne, founder and CEO of LyricFind and a Supernova Sponsor at the 2021 Music Tectonics Conference.

Discover how LyricFind, already the leading source for licensing lyrics, now generates high quality verified lyric videos in less than 20 seconds with Lyric Videos. Darryl explores how high quality lyric videos allow labels and rights holders to fully monetize their catalog and capture demand for not only the lyrics but also the song itself. Discover how LyricFind’s latest product, Lyric IQ, uses a complex algorithm to perform deep subject matter analysis to measure and identify explicitness, content, mood, location, people, brands, and even holidays. Find out why Darryl calls this music tech moment a golden age of exploration. Hear his vision for immersive, hands-off music experiences, greater interoperability, and ambient tech. How can our daily music choices reflect and influence our mood and mental health? Is a new sector emerging at the intersection of mental health and lyric analysis? What is Darryl most looking forward to at the 2021 Music Tectonics Conference? Find out on this week’s episode.

0:20 What is LyricFind?

1:52 New products at LyricFind

6:08 Lyric videos on video platforms

7:48 Revenue opportunities for lyric videos

12:51 LyricIQ

23:17 Digitization of lyrics

28:35 MusicxTech: Where are we now?

34:10 Let's get sci-fi 🚀

38:03 What are you most excited about for the 2021 Music Tectonics Conference?

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