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UPDATED for July! Weekly Websdays: Meet Up with Music Tech Leaders Every Wednesday

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Response to our online meetups has been phenomenal. To keep the conversations and connections growing, Music Tectonics is continuing Weekly Websdays, an online music tech meetup with curated programming and curated audiences.

Every Wednesday, rock paper scissors (the PR firm behind Music Tectonics) hosts a zoom get-together. We bring in a thought leader or three, present a topic, and give everyone a chance to chat their intro, ask questions, and do shout outs.

If you are new to the meetups, please RSVP here. To keep our meetup vibe informal and interactive, we have to monitor the door. Our sign-up system includes verifying attendees via Linkedin. Once you're verified, you're in for all future meetups.

Upcoming Weekly Websday Schedule

Every Wednesday at 9 am Pacific / 12 pm Eastern / 5 pm UK

July 1 - Networking Meetup RSVP

We hold these meet-ups because we know our music tech fam thrives on connection, meeting, and conversation- all things that are still hard to do right now. Join this meetup and build your network of allies, compatriots, partners-in-crime, and cheerleaders in the music tech community. Our emcee is Jade Prieboy, rock paper scissors manager of new business.

July 8 - The Next Evolution: MIDI 2.0 and the Future of Music RSVP

MIDI 2.0 is here, promising an unlimited future of electronic music creativity.

The original MIDI protocol led to a massive evolution in music: finally instruments and computers could talk to each other. It’s behind everything from the home recording boom to flying drones that light up the sky with synchronized LEDs. MIDI was so ahead of its time, it has remained at the heart of music tech innovation for 40 years without a major update.

What evolution will the new standard spark? This webinar features many of the industry players who helped develop MIDI 2.0 with the cooperation of many of tech's biggest companies (Google, Apple) and music tech companies (Yamaha, Roland). Find out why and how MIDI 2.0 was developed, what its new capabilities are, and what its future promises.

Past Websday Meetups

April 1 - Live streaming Performances

Dani Deahl (DJ, producer, and journalist with The Verge), Evan Lowenstein (Stageit), Fabrice Sergent (Bandsintown), and Dmitri Vietze (rock paper scissors).

April 8 - Remote Collaboration

A panel discussion with:

Ameen Abdulla, CEO, Soundwhale

Greg "Stryke" Chin, Audio Product Evangelist, Avid

Shachar Gilad, CEO, SoundBetter (by Spotify for Artists)

Matt Miller, CEO, Audiobridge

moderated by:

Jade Prieboy, Manager of New Business, rock paper scissors

After recent experiences with high demand (and zoom bombing), Q & A and intros for the April 8 meetup happened on twitter. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #websday. (Follow @MusicTectonics if you haven't already!)

April 15 - Networking Meetup

The casual, interactive vibe returned (with heightened security) with a meetup led by Dmitri Vietze, rock paper scissors CEO and Music Tectonics host. This one was all about networking and introductions. It was a chance to meet new people, see familiar faces, and all that good stuff we can't do in person right now.

April 22 - Creative Problem-Solving in a Crisis RSVP

Get insights on pivoting fast from those who have survived past crises and gone on to thrive. ...with a Music Tech twist. 


J. Carlos Perez, Art + Logic

Brett G. Porter, Art + Logic

Sheryl Woodhouse, rock paper scissors COO

Tristra Newyear Yeager, rock paper scissors strategist

Jade Prieboy, rock paper scissors manager of new business

April 29 - No Websday Meetup

May 6 - Networking Meetup

We hold these meet-ups because we know our music tech fam thrives on connection, meeting, and conversation- all things that are hard to do right now. Join this meetup and build your network of allies, compatriots, partners-in-crime, and cheerleaders in the music tech community. Our emcee is Jade Prieboy, rock paper scissors manager of new business.

May 13: Music Marketing

Breaking down the walled gardens, rescuing fan relationships, and making direct connections can be way simpler. Learn about marketing music with new, data-savvy tools from three innovators, then introduce yourself, ask questions, and get connected!

Guest thought leaders:

Sung Cho, CEO of Chartmetric

Ari Evans, CEO of Maestro

Luke Mendoza, CMO of Beatchain

May 27: A Fireside Chat with Darryl Ballantyne, CEO of LyricFind

LyricFind exists to fill the void of the most popular music content on the Internet: lyrics. Get Darryl's insights on successfully negotiating innovation within the music business, what's changing in lyrics and publishing, and what he's learned developing a B2C angle for his B2B company.

June 3: No #Websday MeetupWe're setting our zoom backgrounds to the Croisette at Cannes and participating in MIDEM Digital Edition. Join us! It's free to attend, register here.

June 10: Production & Post-production Audio in a Remote World

Production has restarted, but there are still major hurdles to clear for teams working remotely, often with budget constraints. Our three guests this Websday speak to the audio aspects of this new working normal, showing how tech can help support production teams. Soundwhale CEO Ameen Abdulla digs into distributed audio and post-production and how voiceovers and mixing sessions can still flow smoothly. Syncfloor CEO Kirt Debique gives insights on intuitive music discovery on Syncfloor’s marketplace of indie music, designed with podcasters and music supervisors in mind. And Einar Helde of AI-based production music discovery startup AIMS API addresses how production libraries can surface the right tracks, even in unfamiliar or older parts of their catalog. Learn about the state of music for picture today and the innovative tools changing it, then introduce yourself, ask questions, and get connected!

Connect with our guest thought leaders:

Ameen Abdulla, CEO, Soundwhale

Kirt Debique, CEO, Syncfloor

Einar Helde, BizDev, AIMS API

June 17

Black Boxes Are Not Enough: Music Tech Before and After George Floyd RSVP

Now that everyone has posted their black box on Instagram, now that large music and tech companies cut their $150 million checks, what anti-racism efforts will endure in music tech? Hear from leaders who were working to bring Black people into positions of creativity and leadership long before the murder of George Floyd. Let's focus the recent #TheShowMustBePaused conversations on what this means for music tech companies and movers/shakers. We'll ask tough questions about the responsibility of music tech companies whose success was carried by Black artists, about how to create access for Black youth and Black leaders, and music industry events that claim a genre or scene but have not included their whole communities. Don't be afraid; it's time to listen and learn and find ways to build bridges. Moderated by Dmitri Vietze.


Keisha Howard, Founder of Sugar Gamers, marketing lead at Live CGI.

Tarik Moody, Digital Strategy Director at 88Nine/Radio Milwaukee

Arabian Prince, Inov8 Next Open Labs, Covitech, and founding member of N.W.A.

June 24 - Stop the stigma: Mental Wellness in the Music Industry RSVP

Mental health is a music industry issue. Music Tech couldn’t thrive without artists, and artists face a unique array of challenges (now more than ever): stigma, limited access to care, career ups and downs, persistent myths about creativity and mental illness, the list goes on. Let’s talk resources and actions!


Felisha Booker (HEARBK, Dynamic Producers)

Kendall Deflin (Backline)


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