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Women’s Health and the Healing Power of Sound with Laura-June Clarke of Moonai

There are thousands of health and wellness apps for everything from fitness to meditation, yet few address an issue that impacts all of humanity: menstruation.

In this week’s episode, Laura-June Clarke CEO of Moonai and Tristra Newyear Yeager explore the innovation happening at the intersection of women’s health and music tech. Learn how Moonai, the groundbreaking new women’s health app, delivers personalized, science-based sounds to alleviate period pain and discomfort, and how audio-driven therapeutic solutions to period pain and discomfort can help mitigate the financial, social, and physical toll of menstruation for women around the world. How can biometrics and sound help people to take control of their health and wellness? Find out on this week’s episode.

2:07 What is Moonai?

3:04 How has music tech influenced solutions for period pain and discomfort?

6:32 Period pain and discomfort

10:00 Speakers at the 2021 Music Tectonics Conference

12:00 How can sound influence our mental state?

21:10 Sound design and aesthetic

28:40 2021 Music Tectonics Conference

30:40 Let’s get sci-fi 🚀

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