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  • Caitlin Blackford

Warner Music Group and Spotify Sign Licensing Deal

Digital Music News – August 21, 2017

The music industry and YouTube have a long running war against each other when it comes to streaming. However, it is alleged that users may only get to experience free streaming for a little while longer. It would take a few years to reach a payout deal between streaming subscribers, but it is certainly something that is on the horizon in the music industry.

Nielsen – August 21, 2017

Nearly 60 percent of millennials use two or more apps to stream music. Millennials also listen to podcasts 18 percent more than those that are 35 and older. However, even though they are avid digital users, their loyalty to a singular service is perhaps nonexistent.

Complete Music Update– August 23, 2017

ReDigi was a place where people could resell digital music files from third party sites. When ReDigi was sued, they claimed that under copyright law it was legal to resell physical records without permission and the law should apply to digital music as well, unsurprisingly, the record industry disagreed. The case was back in court last week and when the verdict is finally reached, it will be an important one for the digital music world.

Hypebot – August 24, 2017

Bertelsmann Music Group, BMG, partnered with their songwriting clients to create a new royalty tracking app. The app will provide artists with recent information on the value and source of the income made from their music. The app will also include features that allow artists to access data analytics to better understand their royalty information.

Music Business Worldwide – August 24, 2017

After signing a deal with Warner Music Group, Spotify has now persuaded all major labels to sign new multi-year deals. According to CEO Stephen Cooper, one of the reasons that it took Warner so long to agree was that they wanted to make sure the deal would benefit their artists and songwriters in the best way possible. They believe that with the new deal the partnership strengthens the value of music in an innovative way.

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