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  • Sydney Scorza

Apple's Special Experience, Spotify Growth, and Drake's Mixtape

9to5Mac- February 10, 2019

Apple recently acquired the music app Shazam, and they offered a special experience during the Grammys with the app. Users who used Shazam during the Grammys gained access to music footage from the event, as well as four months of free Apple Music.

Pitchfork- February 12, 2019

Despite the high net worth of the company behind the lip-sync app TikTok, the artists whose music appears in the platform receive little pay.

The Verge- February 13, 2019

After being suspended from Twitch for a homophobic slur, deadmau5 deleted his account.

telecompaper- February 13, 2019

Spotify continues to grow in the Netherlands. A recent study found that 33% of Dutch smartphones have installed Spotify.

musically- February 14, 2019

Drake recently announced that his 2009 mixtape, titled 'So Far Gone',will be available to officially stream online on all streaming platforms. This re-release comes just in time for the mixtape's 10 year anniversary.


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