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  • Sydney Scorza

Fraud, New SoundCloud Features, and European Regulation

February 15, 2019- AppleInsider

Apple is allowing current Apple Music subscribers to share one free month of the streaming service with a friend. Current Apple Music users are greeted with a "Give by Text" option that allows their friends to receive their customized link and one free month of streaming.

February 19, 2019- billboard

Joshua Sason, majority shareholder of PledgeMusic, received fraud charges unrelated to his involvement with PledgeMusic. Sason is charged with $25 million stock fraud.

February 19, 2019- musically

SoundCloud has added a new distribution element to their SoundCloud premium program. Artists who use this program will now have the option to have their music published on rival streaming services.

February 20, 2019- Music Tech Solutions

Social media in Europe continues to face push-back from the Parliament. Parliament recently published an articled titled "Disinformation and Fake News" which targeted social media platforms and user generated content.

February 20, 2019- musically

Songtradr acquired Big Sync Music, a British company that works to source music for various brand campaigns including Dove, Amazon, Samsung, and more.

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