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  • Jeanne Bidault

4 Days, 20 podcasts: Relive Midem (or Catch What You Missed)

We spent four days in Cannes for the Midem conference, and it was a whirlwind of podcast recording and great conversations! We captured one keynote, two conference "previews," six chats with music tech movers and shakers, and interviews with twelve startups who competed in the Midemlab pitch sessions. It's a wonder we got any sleep! Catch up at your own pace: listen to it all on our #musictectonics podcast episodes.

Here are quick links to everything we made in Cannes:


Midem Previews

We chat with Midem director Alexandre Deniot about Midem’s role in music business history, and how it’s shaping the industry’s future.

A four-time juror for the Midemlab startup competition, Marjorie gives her take on what makes the competition so exciting, the next surprising source of music tech innovation, and how to get the most out of your Cannes experience.

Music Tech Movers & Shakers

What Mark has to say about the global music streaming marketplace, audience engagement, and music discovery may surprise you!

Kevin stopped by the #MidemTectonics roving podcast studio to chat about what twitter lets artists do, and what’s next for social media and the music biz.

Roy LaManna of Vydia stopped by the #MidemTectonics traveling podcast studio to talk about how Vydia empowers the next generation of music creators, managers, and labels.

At Midem, we chatted with Emma and her manager James Plester about how this lightbulb moment led to an Alexa skill that makes it more fun and easy for her fans to listen and engage.

Audio for marketing isn’t just about jingles any more- it’s about a complete sound experience created by ads and the products themselves. In this podcast, Veritonic co-founder and COO Andrew Eisner digs into what makes audio for marketing effective

Constantine Roussos imagines a better web experience, where artists can claim their own names and fans can find authentic content. He created DotMusic to fight for control of the .music top-level domain on behalf of the music community.

Midemlab Finalists

Tim Exile met up with Dmitri Vietze at Midem in Cannes to chat about Endlesss, a virtual place where you can make and share music in the moment, solo or with friends.

Music Tectonics at Midem continues with Dan Dewar of Paperchain, a fintech company creating solutions for music biz problems with a real-time payment model.

Aviv Ben-Yehuda chatted with podcast host Dmitri Vietze and regular guest Jade Prieboy about how music technology can bring people to music creation and teach them to dare to do something different.

Listen in as Hazel Savage chats with Dmitri Vietze about how her career began at a little startup called Shazam- maybe you’ve heard of it- and what her new project, Musiio, is all about.

Sophie Ziessel and Myriam Caron stopped by the podcast booth to explain how Muzeek’s “augmented composer” provides soundtrack music that can be tailored to fit video projects perfectly.

Bosco Bellinghausen created Alissia Music to make music listening more personalized. He sat down with podcast host Dmitri Vietze in Cannes to explain how Alissia learns your personal tastes and preferences and matches your mood with immersive, high-quality music.

Lonofi lets you compose ambient soundscapes out of simple ingredients- and they never end or loop. Ed Tallec stopped by the #MidemTectonics podcast booth at Cannes to discuss how the app was inspired by research into urban noise, why ambient sounds help you focus better than songs, and what’s next for the app.

After Legitary won the Midemlab pitch session in the Data & Analytics category, CEO Nermina Mumic sat down with podcast host Dmitri Vietze in Cannes for a chat.

Fresh from ClicknClear’s win at the Midemlab pitch session in the Music Discovery & Distribution category, Chantal Epp came by the traveling podcast studio. Chantal is a music licensing cheerleader- really!

TuneFork assesses your unique “earprint-” the frequencies you hear best and those that feel fuzzy- and personalizes your audio experience to compensate.

Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Imogen Heap imagined controlling effects and loops with just her gestures, not an array of buttons, knobs and pedals. Now the Mi.Mu gloves she dreamed up are a reality.

Find out how the idea for Jambl came out of Gad’s experiments making electronic instruments from unexpected objects, and why Gad imagines a future where your biggest music influences won’t be celebrities, they’ll be your nearest and dearest.


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